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A Hearty Welcome
W.H. Chellis

Greetings in Christ.

I am pleased to offer a hearty welcome to all of our esteemed contributors and guests. The doctrine of Christ’s Mediatorial kingship over the nations is the most precious possession of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Although this is historically true, it may be news to many first generation members of the denomination. Since giving up her long standing practice of political dissent, the Covenanter Church has had some difficulty defining the contours of her professed allegiance to Christ’s reign. With this in mind, the Reformed Presbyterian Witness has graciously agreed to host this discussion. I thank Drew Gordon for this opportunity.

I also want to thank each of the men who have agreed to be regular contributors to the discussion. Some of the men are Reformed Presbyterian, but RP’s are in the minority (of course, that is not unusual). Therefore, I am particularly pleased to thank you gentlemen from outside the denomination who have agreed to help us to sharpen our thinking and refine our doctrine as we seek to apply it to the political and social realities of a new century. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Indeed, may it be our sincere prayer that through this discussion we may find a good deal of common ground and fruitful unity in our Lord Christ Jesus. Praise the King!

W.H. Chellis


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