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Brad Birzer, DRC Editor

The DRC is proud to announce that, as part of our continuing attempt to serve a place where the confessing Reformed and the conservative Catholic can come together in defense of the permanent things, Dr. Brad Birzer has agreed to serve as a co-editor.

We welcome Brad into his new role and thank him his generous willingness to serve in this new capacity.


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Along with Thomas Howard, Dale Ahlquist, and David Higbee speaking at the 6th Annual Rochester Chesterton Society conference.

This year’s conference is entitled Reawakening Wonder.

When:   9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

Where:  St. John Fisher College, Coleman Chapel, Murphy Hall

There is a $10.00 donation (free for students)  and lunch is available at a nominal cost.

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Thanks to Michael Ward for pointing me toward this.  Nothing short of stunning.

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Andrew Matthews as prodded me back to the question of Caritas in Veritate, a promised discussion yet to be consummated. The sloth is all my own.  I have been crushed with work and preaching lately and have not taken sufficient time to really think through Caritas in Veritate.

But no need to wait for me to fire the start gun.  We are open for business.

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From Upstate Conservative blogger Thomas Bertonneau.

Check it out here

an excerpt:

“What the organized Right-leaning opposition to the Party of Destruction does is, finally, more important than what it calls itself even though words have meanings and usages signify something. I am encouraged, slightly, by the way in which spontaneous demonstrations of popular ire against overweening big-government schemes – like “bailouts” and socialized medical insurance – have surprised and actually checked the dictatorial bullying of the Obama regime. When an amateur journalist-reporter, FOX News Channel’s Glenn Beck, publicized the curriculum vitae and words of Obama adviser Van Jones, a nutty Marxist-racialist, it led to the first departure-under-outside-pressure of an Obama appointee. It is a sign of the times that actual investigative reporting is now done by someone like Beck, who previously was little other than a radio-comedian whose main shtick consisted in making prank telephone calls to predictably dimwitted people in a recurring feature called “Jeopretardy.”

Far from being offended, currently one of the most offensive words in the political jargon, by the shouted comment of “Liar!” – originating with North Carolina GOP Congressman Joe Wilson during Obama’s speech before the House on so-called health-care legislation – I rather take heart in it because it was true. Wilson immediately made a crawling apology for his temerity. There should be a good deal less of that. There should be a good deal more clear articulation of the fact that the deconstructors of society have doctrines, false doctrines galore, and that we, by contrast, have an interest in truth, to the objectivity of which we remain open.

Cultic doctrines kill freedom; they demand its immolation in sacrifice to their cause. Truth and free will – truth and freedom – by contrast require and nourish one another.  We must vigorously remind our friends and neighbors of these facts.”

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A New Russia

I saw this scroll across the bottom of the screen during the Obama heath care speech.  What an amazing story- Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago will be required reading in Russian schools.

I wish it were required reading in our own.   Christendom may be rising the East.

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Seven Deadly Sins, Mapped

This is absolutely fascinating.  Glad to know I was raised where greed, envy, wrath, lust, and pride are at their lowest.  Let’s hope it sticks.


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